5 Best Virginia Football Players of All-Time

The University of Virginia’s football team, The Cavalier’s, is very well known team that has been the starting point for the careers of a number of NFL players. These five former University of Virginia players are five of the best NFL players to have come from the University of Virginia.

Matt Schaub:

Matt Schaub began his football career in 1999 at the University of Virginia. However, he redshirted the first season and began playing in 2000. At first, he and another player, Bryson Spinner, took turns as quarterback. However, in 2002, Matt Schaub changed schools to the University of Richmond. While there, he ultimately showed such exceptional talent that he not only became the team’s only quarterback, but he even won awards! He won ACC Player of the year, ACC Offensive Player of The Year, and even was seen as a Heisman Award candidate!

In 2004, he started his career with the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons and remained with them for a couple of years. Then he switched to the Houston Texans from 2007 until 2012. After this, he played with several new teams until this season. Now, he is going to be back with the Atlanta Falcons.

However, Hoos Football doesn’t consider him to be the best quarterback let alone one of the best Virignia football players of all time.  That honor went to Aaron Brooks.




Tiki Barber:

Tiki Barber was born and raised in Virginia, and then he went on to play for the University of Virginia. While there, he was an exceptionally talented player, and he went on to the NFL. He was drafted into the New York Giants as a running back, and he remained with the same team in the same position through his career. This career was quite a long one, as well. He played with the team for a total of nine seasons from 1997 to 2006. Throughout his career, he had a total of 10,449 rushing yards. During his 2005 season alone, he had a total of 1,860 rushing yards in one season! He also played in several Pro Bowls.

James Farrior:

James Farrior was an inside linebacker for the University of Virginia that won a number of awards. In fact, he won awards from the ACC every season! In 1993, he won Newcomer of the Week. The next season, he was given an honorable mention award. Then, in 1995, he won second team honors. His last season in 1996, he won first team honors!

The following season, he began his career with the NFL. First, he played for the New York Jets as a reserve outside linebacker. His final season though he had an exceptional season with the team. In fact, he had 142 tackles, along with two interceptions and a sack.

After this season, he left the Jets to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They gave him his old position of inside linebacker. In this position, he performed exceptionally well. He had a great career with the team, and he ultimately signed a five year contract with the them. He remained with the Steelers until his retirement in 2011. This gave him a 14 year long career with the NFL!

Tyrone Davis:

Tyrone Davis played as a wide receiver for the Cavalier’s, and he broke the school record for touchdown receptions that was set by Herman Moore with 28 receptions. In the NFL, he played with the New York Jets from 1995-1996. Then, he was with the Packers from 1997-2002. During his NFL career, he scored a total of 13 touchdowns, made 73 receptions, and got 795 receiving yards! In addition, he started a total of 27 games.

Herman Moore:

Herman Moore had a truly exceptional football career with the University of Virginia. He has two records for receiving yards from his time at the school. He holds the record for total receiving yards at 2,504 and a season record of 1,190 yards.

When he went into the NFL in 1991, he played for the Detroit Lions. While there, his performance was truly outstanding. He broke many of their receiving records and played in the Pro Bowl four times.