Virginia Football Season Predictions for 2016

How Will Virginia Do In Football This Year?

Let’s take a quick look at their schedule:

  • Richmond
  • Oregon
  • Connecticut
  • Central Michigan
  • Duke
  • Pitt
  • UNC
  • Louisville
  • Wake Forest
  • Miami
  • Georgia Tech
  • Virginia Tech

The Virginia schedule is listed because it is a very interesting schedule for them, and I have looked over it more than once trying to figure out how they are going to fair. Virginia is very good sometimes, and there are other times when they cannot get out of their own way. The school is a basketball school at the moment because of the way their teams are doing, but they will be able to do some work just because of the way that they are put together. They can beat the less talented teams, but they will lose to others that are just better.

The Richmond game is a win because of the talent gap that is there, but that is the only reason. Richmond might even make it interesting just because they are not a bad football school. However, I think that UVA will come out right in the end because they have more people to pull from.

The Oregon game is going to be bad for UVA just because Oregon could go to the playoff and UVA is going to be hoping that it is does not get out of hand. That is going to be a problem because people are going to have to make sure that they do not let it get out of hand, and Oregon would have to take their foot off the gas. That early in the season, it might be possible, but the Cavaliers could still lose big.

UCONN and Central Michigan should be good games because the teams are going to be equally matched. It all depends on how the games are played when the weather comes out, how people are feeling and the injuries that happen. There are going to be issues that people have to deal with at that point in the season, and Central Michigan is not a bad team. UCONN has been hurting, and they might be better off sending out the women’s basketball team.

Duke, Pitt and UNC are going to be three very hard games that UVA is going to have a hard time winning. Now they could have some good games and catch these teams on bad days, but fans need to be realistic in that all three of these teams can easily win these games. That is something that people need to remember because all three offenses are very good, and all three teams could easily be ranked at that point in the season.

Louisville is probably going to be another loss because that team has been very good for a long time. They will be pushing for a conference title, and that is why they will be hard to beat. That is something that people need to not forget because there is no reason for Louisville to not be in the hunt. UVA cannot be expected to be that competitive, and that can cause problems late in the season.

Wake Forest should be an easy win because they have not been able to do anything lately, but then that leaves two games that no one will be able to call. It is going to be a problem because these last two are going to be so hard to predict that people will not know what to do or say about it.

GT could be really good at that point or they could be really bad. No one knows, and that is why it could go either way. People who are UVA fans just need to cross their fingers. The same is true of the VT game because that is a rival, and they could be good or bad. Frank Beamer retired, and who knows what it will look like with a new coach that came over from Memphis. Anyone who is watching these two games could be very confused, and they need to remember that it could be up in the air the whole time.

The UVA season does not look to be very good, but they will be able to offer good opponents. If there are injuries or good momentum the team could do better, but only time will tell.